April 21, 2024

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4 Great Careers for Free Spirits

Being a free spirit does not mean you are a lazy, irresponsible person who hangs around criminals and lives in poverty. Rather, the term implies you are not afraid to go your own way, separate from the crowd. Numerous careers actually cater to creative, independent individuals. Far from being a detriment, free thinking can help you earn money based upon your passions. Here are four careers that let free spirits soar.


If you picked up a camera almost as soon as you learned to hold a knife and fork, photography might be for you. There are many specialty niches within this fascinating field. You could choose the glamorous world of fashion photography or get creative and put on exhibitions of your art photographs. If your heroes are Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Robert Frank, you could specialize in gritty wartime documentaries or take your camera to the streets and document societies.

Truck Driver

If, like writer Jack Kerouac, you are fascinated by that center white line arrowing into infinity, consider becoming a truck driver. On the road, moving from place to place, you are free to think and grow. You can visit new places and build a life of fresh experiences. You would, as the song says, be king of the road—and get paid for it. If this idea appeals to you, check with trucking companies williston north dakota for opportunities.


If you savor good food and like to experiment in the kitchen, consider becoming a chef. If this sounds overwhelming, take heart. Many famous and successful chefs had no formal training in culinary schools.

  • Ina Garten, also known as the Barefoot Contessa
  • Tom Colicchio, host of “Top Chef”
  • Jamie Oliver, who began as a pastry chef and went on to become the BBC’s “The Naked Chef” and publish books and open restaurants in Britain and America

If you are passionate about cooking, many restaurants or pubs may be willing to train you and help you get started, just as Jamie Oliver began.

Interior Designer

If you notice the composition and colors of interior spaces, put your love for decorating to work. Interior designers can work for companies or be freelance entrepreneurs. With this career, focus on creating a portfolio of actual design work. While you need artistry in this career, you also will need some training in computer-assisted design, or CAD, programs.

Free spirits and independent thinkers have a cornucopia of career choices that let them put their creativity and passions to work. You do not have to choose between an interesting life and a paycheck. Make the most of your interests to build a life filled with novelty and individuality.