June 10, 2023

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The 5 Best Flea Markets In Houston 

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Flea markets have become somewhat of a trend and can be an exciting place to shop. You can find all kinds of new and second-hand clothing, hand-made knick-knacks and a variety of other items. It’s even a great marketplace to haggle prices and find some really great bargains. If you are looking for a flea market in Houston, look no further. Here are 5 of the best flea markets to go to.

  1. Sunny Flea Market

Sunny Flea Market runs every Saturday and Sunday and draws in an average of 50,000 people to this bustling and vibrant marketplace. The market boasts the best food you can find at any fair and also a wide variety of items. This Houston flea market has been described as having a very Mexican and south of the border atmosphere and you are sure to find many great bargains here. The market is a fun place to go and most visitors go for the wonderful variety of delicious food. Plus, there are all kinds of knick-knacks to buy and also entertainment for the kids like giant dinosaur sculptures to play on.

  1. Texas Pickers Flea Market and Antique Sale (1st Saturdays)

Northwest of Houston is the beautiful Navasota hill that hosts the Texas Pickers flea market every 1st Saturday of the month. Situated in a historic barn and spread over 3 floors, there are many antiques to choose from and this particular Houston flea market is very popular with shoppers who are excited to find interesting vintage items. Taxidermy, tools for fishing, chic furniture and crockery are just an example of the variety of treasures you can find here.

  1. Traders Village

As an addition to being an amusement park and campground, Traders Village also hosts a flea market that takes place each Saturday and Sunday. Talk about all-round family fun for the weekend! For just $9.75 you can pick up an all-day pass if you want to include the rides in your flea market fun. They also have themed weekends twice a month that includes things such as Day of the Dead parties and car shows.

  1. Houston Flea Market

Located at 6116 Southwest Freeway, you will find a flea market that hosts more than 600 vendors selling a variety of clothing, furniture, collectibles and antiques, crafts, second-hand items, books and even fresh produce. This flea market also has all kinds of entertainment for kids and for adults too. Visitors can enjoy live bands on the weekends and entertainment for the children. Train and pony rides and even Karaoke are also available. This vibrant flea market is open every Saturday and Sunday 9am-8pm indoors and 9am-dusk outdoors.

  1. Flea at Silver Street

This flea market is an indoor marketplace full of curated boutique vendors selling all kinds of memorabilia, rustic home decor, unique arts and crafts, handmade goods, vintage and antique items and even interesting things like hand-poured candles. You can also find food vendors and locally sourced produce too. The fact that this flea market consists of vendors that are carefully curated guarantees that you will find high quality and truly interesting things to buy. Flea at Silver Street is located at 2000 Edwards Street Houston, TX 77007 and is open on particular weekends – they have their event dates and times on their official website.