December 9, 2022

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9 of the Greatest Christmas Films Ever

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Many people regard Christmas movies as a byproduct of the film industry. However, these classics have produced many of the most significant pop cultural events. They are unmistakable identifiers of our cinematic heritage.

So find anything that lifts your mood. Here are the 8 Christmas movies that will make your Christmas memorable. Check out these fantastic Windstream Internet bundles to enjoy watching your favorite movies this holiday season.

The Princess Switch and the Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

The Princess Switch was Vanessa Hudgens’s first Christmas movie to be released on Netflix in 2018. Coincidentally, it was also the first Christmas movie to be released on Netflix. So both Netflix and Vanessa Hudgens were heading into unchartered territory. To cut a long tale short, Hudgens portrays a princess and also a regular Chicago baker, who has turned her back on love. The movie did well commercially.

The Snowman

This movie is a charming animated tale about a little boy’s brief excursion with a snowman. It has a short 26 minutes runtime, so it is perfect if you don’t feel like watching a lengthy movie just before going to bed. The film is an adaptation of the children’s book written by Raymond Briggs having the same title as the movie. Despite its short length, it is quite an emotional movie, for people across all age groups.

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town depicts the offbeat background of Kris Kringle, played by Mickey Rooney, with narration performed by Fred Astaire.

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

It only takes a few moments to get into The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show to comprehend what it is aiming to accomplish. However, once you start watching it, you will not have any regrets. The film, shot in 1970s style, is about the titular character Musgraves who is making preparations for the Christmas holidays. Just as she is making these preparations, she gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume of guests that turn up. Everything about this movie is cheesy and cozy.

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince is one of Netflix’s earliest ventures into the Christmas genre. At first, you may feel it is a typical Christmas movie. However, if you take a step back and ignore the thought that you may predict every plot twist, you will find that this movie is the ultimate Christmas movie. There is no storyline or anything: it is simply pure Christmas enthusiasm bottled up in the narrative of a news journalist and a renegade prince from a place that doesn’t even exist.

One Magic Christmas

Before Netflix started making holiday films, Disney had been doing it for decades. This movie from 1985 did not do well at the box office. Harry Dean Stanton performs the role of an angel. He is particularly concerned about a poor family where its matriarch, Mary Steenburgen, has some tough experiences as she finds out what Christmas truly means. It features an unusual blend of roughness and romanticism.

Last Holiday

Queen Latifah gives a stellar performance as a terminally ill patient erroneously diagnosed by a malfunctioning MRI machine. As a fatal patient misdiagnosed by malfunctioning MRI equipment, Queen Latifah kills it (pun intended). As a result, a lady who has always played it safe decides to spend all her money on a European journey to meet her culinary inspiration. The issue with all of this is that what happens when you don’t have a terminal ailment and have spent all of your money? This movie is a must-see.

White Reindeer

Suzanne’s world is flipped upside down just before Christmas when her husband Jeff dies unexpectedly. But things take a turn for the worst when she realizes he has been having an affair with a stripper, in whom Suzanne finds an odd friend (if potentially a terrible influence), transforming this indie film into a romantic, melancholy, and raunchy sex comedy.

Office Christmas Party

J. Miller and Jennifer Aniston play rival siblings with opposing ideas on how to operate the firm they inherited. Miller’s Clay is tasked with gaining the business of a high-stakes customer, so he organizes an extravagant Christmas party that doesn’t go as planned.

Watch These Great Movies This Christmas!

What’s a Christmas without bingeing on Christmas movies? Here you have got the list of best Christmas movies that you can choose from, and have a fun and cozy night with your loved ones.