July 12, 2024

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Can Your Company Benefit From Fuel Bill Savings From Business Opportunities In The UK

Can Your Company Benefit From Fuel Bill Savings From Business Opportunities In The UK

Businesses can save almost 30% on electricity bills with companies like ERE specialists who work with energy suppliers to re-evaluate energy consumption rates at the new plants.

Employees also need to gain an understanding and awareness of the necessary skills required to maintain a competitive contract in future which including preparing tenders, sourcing competitive quotations, accurate billing and understanding different types of contracts.

Companies can now benefit from having the assurance that they are purchasing energy at the best rate available and the contracts they have in place are those best suited to the company. As a manufacturer operating in a very competitive worldwide market this is important to any company’s success.

Companies can enjoy swift results, with all of the improvement implementations taking place within a matter of weeks from the date the ERE engagement commenced.

Your company can not only reduce costs, it is also helping protect the environment by cutting energy consumption, improving competitiveness and increasing profitability. The encouraging results will strengthen any firm’s long and successful track record. We are in an era where energy prices fluctuate constantly and while it is still important to ensure suppliers are not building excessive margins into offers, it is far more important to focus on the energy component of the costs which makes up over 60% of the end price. The most important factor when negotiating an energy contract is when to buy, rather than from which supplier if you are to make volatile markets work in your favor and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors – this is how you need to tackle this for your business.

Schemes in place in the North East help businesses tackle rising energy costs. Teams of specialist engineers work closely with firms to develop an energy action plan, analyzing current usage and highlighting innovative means to cut bills. The scheme aims to help companies address energy as a controllable resource, identify potential opportunities focusing on energy, Enable a reduction of energy consumption per unit produced, improve awareness on the effect of energy consumption on business finances and climate change, deliver opportunities to improve energy supply and use efficiency in tandem, embed skills to enable continuous improvement in energy management and utilization with the ultimate aim to get the whole Business, Whole Workforce, promoting personal changes in the workplace and at home.

North East England is home to some 600 overseas companies from 32 countries, employing over 27,000 people therefore making an ideal place for overseas investors looking for business opportunities in the UK [http://www.investnortheastengland.co.uk/page/index.cfm] or business and investment opportunities in England [http://www.investnortheastengland.co.uk/page/sectors.cfm]