May 23, 2024

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Get Powerful and Reliable web Hosting Solutions

Online Server offers you powerful and reliable server hostingsolutions, proved and duly tested for handling the requirements of big and small businesses. 

Cheap Web Hosting comes as one of the most cost-effective solutions for all those businesses that are in the look out of developing sites that can generate and handle a huge amount of traffic. You can effectively and easily make use of a VPS server for varied business applications. You can use the server in the form of a gaming server or for data restoration, site development and software handling. There are varied purposes served by a Cheap VPS Hosting server from. The best thing about VPS hosting solutions is that you will get them within a range that you can easily afford and that too without making any compromises on the features and the specifications that you get with the server. So, regardless of whether you are a medium-scale or a small-scale business, you must always resort to the use of VPS hosting solutions. Going for a VPS server will definitely give your business the boost that it requires.

The VPS Hosting Infrastructure of VPS Servers

The infrastructure of Linux Web Hosting servers is completely based on the requirements of businesses. The hosting providers in this part of the world make sure that their clients get smooth performance and new experience when using the Windows VPS servers. This is the reason why advanced root level access is offered. This way the customers can enjoy complete control on their hosting servers. Also, the customers get the flexibility of managing their entire server themselves which is far more beneficial. They get the ability of making all kinds of modifications or updates on their VPS servers. It is only because of such customizable features that Cheap Windows VPS servers are in huge demand across the world.

High-level and advanced security system safeguards the server from all kinds of unauthorized access along with malicious software programs. The hosting providers offer users the full right of choosing the operating systems that they prefer. There are basically Linux and Windows based operating systems on offer. The operating systems speak of KVM architecture with a plethora of choices like Suse, Ubuntu, fedora, Centos and Debian. Besides these exclusive OS features, the hosting providers have their very own data center facilities. This offers better network uptime guarantee to the users. Apart from this, you get 1 GB RAM, 30 GB storage space, 20 Mbps network connectivity speed, 1 dedicated IP address and 1 core processor.

Why is Web hosting required?

Web hosting is the intersection between dedicated and shared server hosting. Dissimilar to shared hosting, Windows and Linux VPS hosting offers an isolated atmosphere or a server that comer with fully dedicated resources. This means that the users have extra processing power with their sites loading at a very fast pace. Cheap Web hosting comes as one of the best solutions for applications or websites that witness seasoned spikes in traffic. It also works for CPU-intensive and RAM-heavy applications.

A few benefits of using Web Hosting

Enhanced site performance

One of the primary reasons why people opt for the cheap web hosting is because it helps in increasing the performance of the website. And with a rapid response website, you will be able to retain your customer. And not only for retaining customer, the performance of your website will also affect your ranking. Slow loading websites gets poor ranking in experience metrics which heavily influence the ranking of your website. 

Dependable Customer support

If you are into ecommerce then a robust customer support round the clock in what exactly you need. Since there is generally high traffic in the ecommerce website, a routine maintenance and round the clock maintenance is highly required. And this is another reason why there is a growing demand for a web hosting server. They are the technical team who can pull you back in track if your website gets derailed during heavy traffic. 

Enhanced Website security

There is nothing called 100%secure when it comes to website security. Regardless of how much you keep it secure, the hackers will find their way around. Opting for web hosting service will add an extra layer of security to your website. 

High Uptime and reliability

The uptime of your site is one of the most important features of your website. Uptime denotes how often your website will be online. And high uptime means that your website will be online for the maximum time. The only time it will go down is when it needs repair and that too won’t take long as you will have a technical team ready to resolve the issue all the time. 

Some FAQs regarding Web hosting are:

What are the benefits of Linux Web hosting?

One of the major benefits of Linux Web hosting is that you get root access to the server along with dedicated resources.

What comes with branded VPS?

Free snapshot, uptime guarantee of 99.99% and resource monitoring are some features that you get with branded VPS servers.

Will the performance of my site get affected because of the other sites on the VPS server?

No. you get a completely isolated environment where there is dedicated storage and RAM available with allocated CPU.

Which are the best operating systems to configure with VPS?

Windows and Centos are the best operating systems that you can configure with your VPS server.

What kind of assistance will I get?

You will get top quality assistance from a team of technical specialists and experts.