December 7, 2023

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How Will Proper Respite Care At The Travancore Foundation Help Senior Residents On Their Feet Again?


Caring for others is vital and meaningful, but it can also be draining. If you’re feeling exhausted or simply wish you had a day off every now and again, it may be time to investigate respite care. 

Respite care is a temporary relief for carers that can take place within or outside of the house. Taking this into consideration, several retirement homes in Kochi are beginning to include respite care services in their facilities. The Travancore Foundation is also on the list. Let us look at how respite care might benefit the older residents of the Travancore Foundation in Kerala. 

When are respite care services needed?

If your family goes on vacation or leaves for an emergency trip while you are old, there is no need for you to rely on reluctant relatives or neighbours to care for your elders. You can still enjoy the feeling of leading an independent life. 

At Travancore Foundation, you can stay in resort-style paid old age homes specially built for senior citizens. It has luxurious rooms with a garden or forest view, and here, you can relax and enjoy the sumptuous meals of your choice. You can enjoy the company of your fellow senior citizens because Travancore promotes the community culture largely.

What are the main services provided by Travancore’s respite care?

Respite care providers provide a variety of services, all of which are meant to keep your loved one safe and comfortable while you focus on yourself. It might entail as much or as little attention as required at different times of the day and as frequently as desired. This adaptability enables caregivers to provide the best possible care for their loved ones without jeopardising their own mental health.

Typical respite care services include:

1. Assist with daily living activities (ADLs) such as bathing, grooming, and clothing.

2. Meal preparation and help consuming and drinking

3. Medication administration

4. Fundamental medical aid

5. Transportation

6. Companionship

Travancore Foundation excels at providing first-rate services in these areas.

You will always receive nutritious meals that meet your body’s needs and diet plan. There is also a grand dining hall for you all, so you won’t have to eat alone. Instead, you can sit and laugh with the others while eating your meals. 

Another popular service of the Travancore Foundation is medical Respite Care For The Elderly. Medical respite care is given to people who are undergoing treatment for a serious illness or recovering from a physical injury. The cost of respite care varies according to the type, location, and level of care. In a community living environment, Travancore provides the best respite care services to older adults. The senior living communities are specially designed by international architects to meet the unique needs of seniors. 

If you or a loved one of yours is suffering from dementia, you must have a caregiver. You require properly trained caregivers for dementia care. Travancore uses psychotherapy and counselling sessions to treat dementia in elder care members. This assists them in coping with the numerous challenges that come with dementia and memory loss. 

Professional caregivers also assist the elderly members who require physical assistance for doctor visits, COVID vaccination, hospitalisation, or assistance with daily living activities. They are also quite equipped to assess the patient’s needs and coordinate between family members and doctors. 

Regular health checkups can be difficult for the elderly due to their age and mobility. Consider the long lines at the doctor’s office. With the best in-home doctors in Travancore, you can easily skip the wait. They have qualified doctors on staff, and residents unquestionably receive the best medical care on a regular basis. 

Whether it’s an insignificant injury or a chronic condition like arthritis, Travancore can help. Using cutting-edge technology, the trained physiotherapists will provide physiotherapy and pain management. Exercises, lifestyle changes, and electrical stimulation will help you manage your pain and make your life easier.


If you need respite care or looking for respite care for other adults, look no further than the fantastic Travancore Foundation services. Their trained representative caregivers can seamlessly replace the regular caregiver and provide private respite care for as long as you require. So, if you need caregiver respite, give them a call, and they will take it from there.If you are looking for short-term or long-term respite care services from trained professionals, try out Travancore Foundation. It is the best old age home in Kerala.