June 17, 2024

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Marketing Your Network Marketing Business Online Versus Offline Old School Marketing

I received a phone call 8 years ago and even then, I felt strange that a friend who I haven’t seen in years would call me about a business opportunity. Even when she and her friend came to my house I knew what the business was and even the company.

So from the start there was this silence and lack of belief to just say what business they were in straight away. I joined a month later but the process I went through is just one of reasons why many fail:

  • Build a list of people you know
  • Contact them to a meeting but don’t tell them what the business is
  • Show them the business with 30 minute presentation
  • Sign them up
  • And do this again with the new signed up member
  • And if they don’t think it’s for them, then start convincing
  • Branding The Companies And Not You
    Yes, that’s when stories of millionaires and the founders of the company rolled in. As well as how easy it is and how you can make residual income.

    Branding consistently the company and it’s founders is dangerous. What happens if the company goes down and you’ve been promoting the company and not you? You’ve lost all the leads, all the hard work because everyone in your group identifies only with the company.

    Wasting Too Much Time Traveling
    On top of this, you’d go to open meetings in your city and across different cities. That meant traveling and you’d be back late. Sometimes 11pm or even 2am in the late morning.

    No Qualifying Process But Go For Anyone That Breathes
    As you can see, there is no qualifying process here. It’s aiming at everyone you know. But network marketing isn’t for anyone. Yes, anyone can do it but not everyone who has no desire and not willing to learn to have a business mindset will succeed.

    Would you do that for a business you believe in? Would you travel and do a presentation to someone who hasn’t even called, emailed to say they are interested in having their own business?

    Marketing Your Network Marketing Business Online
    With the era of the internet, you don’t need to chase anyone. You don’t need to travel for miles to do a presentation to someone who might not even show up. Nor brand a company.

    Most companies due to fear of legal implications do not want their distributors who are in the thousands to promote their companies online. In case of legal suits. So they do not give the power to their distributors but the business owner can still win.

    The business owner doesn’t need to promote the product, the companies and founders. Instead it is now about branding YOU.

  • No more 30 minutes presentation about the companies, products and features.
  • No more promoting the vision of these companies but your own
  • Branding you means gaining value, knowledge to educate, engage your target audience online
  • No more convincing, chasing, door to door or cold calling.
  • You can create a filtering online marketing system which will qualify prospects. You can target your prospects and build relationship without even traveling for miles.

    The power of the internet can generate quality leads 24 hours a day and without you being there. When they qualify then they have shown desire and interers. They will even contact you or you can contact them to not do a sales pitch but to find out what their immediate needs are.

    Now, the shift has moved from company manifestos to focusing on the solutions your prospects need. Your value and leadership attracts your prospects to you.

    The invitation was made by the prospects not the business owner inviting themselves. This gives you posture, backbone, value and a strong hold on how YOU want to run your business. Not on you chasing everyone and anything that breathes.

    Today, we can use:

  • Blogs which are free.
  • Upload articles and creating online presence.
  • With valuable, rich content and an form for people to fill in to generate new target leads
  • Create ad campaigns to newsletters that are targeted and automated
  • Whatever you choose, online or offline; the key is to realise:

  • It’s about relationships. People not a number game.
  • You can have a large list but if they don’t respond, you have no business.
  • It’s also about working smart and having a marketing system that does the brunt work.
  • It’s about targeting not aiming at everyone.
  • It’s truly about leadership that attracts prospects with value instead of pushing, chasing and convincing.