April 20, 2024

Bigbangin Pyongyang

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Online Business Has a Missing Link – Common Sense

I approach business as a mixture of three things : 25% research, 25% experience, and 50% common sense. My experience comes from knowing my business. I conduct as much research as possible so that I can integrate new business methods with traditional ones. However, often absent but of utmost importance, is common sense – which is especially important online.

I’m not an expert in search engines or manipulating them to my advantage. I don’t think anyone actually is. These e-commerce techniques are fluid and never stay the same. Still, as with most online business owners, I try to remain aware of marketing information from all reliable sources.

It’s easy to become overly focused on the very technical parts of my business and website when working for both myself my clients. We can become overwhelmed with methods and techniques that promise new leads and increased traffic. I’m not shooting down anyone who is offering this advice. Instead, I think that we need to absorb as much knowledge as we can when deciding on our own methods. It can be problematic to get too wrapped up in newer ideas, which can obscure our natural common sense.

I’m not pretending to know any secrets, and I’m not suggesting that it’s simple to get rich quick. What I am suggesting is that you should always observe your materials and website objectively, during all phases of implementing a new e-commerce method. Even better, get someone else’s opinion.

Your web design and text should appeal to everyone, from the technologically adept to the technological neophyte. Ideally, every visitor would be a web and computer expert. Sadly, this is not that world. Your website needs to make itself extremely user-friendly.

I used a lot of time focusing on web design. I considered the ways that it should function, what it should say, and how it would say those things. These are important steps, and cannot be skipped. Still, even after the site went live, there was still room for improvement.

Immediately after uploading my online business, I contacted my family and friends. After only two days, it became clear that I could simplify. Navigating a website with a map and using a navigation bar came naturally to me because of my environment, but these things are not obvious to everyone. The most useful feedback came from my grandfather, who expressed that he wanted to see and understand more of the website. Despite efforts to keep abreast of technology, he’s still not comfortable with the internet.

After feedback from my family, I revisited my website design. I then created multiple ways to navigate to every page on the site. I made things as simple as I could. I left the copy alone, because I had already constructed it to be attractive to a wide variety of clients. I dropped in enough keywords to be effective, but not repetitive.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler”, and we’d do well to remember these words despite our excitement to boost our traffic and rankings. You’ll find many more customers if your message is clear and your site is easy to use for everyone!