April 19, 2024

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Things to consider before buying home contents Insurance

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We all love buying new things. Things like gadgets, televisions, fridge, washing machine, air conditioner, etc. Most of the activities that we do require the use of some man-made items. Now can you imagine your life without all these goods? Though content insurance is not mandatory, it makes sense to get home and contents insurance to protect against fire so that you do not incur any monetary loss. Content insurance provides coverage to the house contents against loss or damage by theft, fire, explosion, or any other natural calamity. But before you buy any content insurance, you must consider and understand various factors that are there in the policy. Here is a list of things that you need to consider before buying a content insurance policy.

  • Get the best deal

There are several insurance companies in the market and a large variety of coverages. You do not want to end up paying more for the same policy. Also, more sellers and more policies mean more confusion. You can consider taking the services of an insurance advisor that can help you get the insurance policy that best suits you. An advisor will ask you what do you want out of your policy and help you get it thus saving you time and efforts.

  • Understand what your policy does not cover

Every insurance policy includes an exclusions section that contains a list of perils that are not covered. Ask your insurance provider to explain all such exclusions at the outset. This will clear any clarification you had. Also, it is better to know all the exclusions beforehand rather than discovering them after you incur any loss. So make sure you buy the policy only after understanding what it does not cover.

  • Pay your premiums on time

Once you buy an insurance policy, it is very important to pay the premiums as and when they are due. Deferring the payments or defaulting on them is a bad thing and might end your coverage. This will re-expose your house contents to all sorts of risks. Also, you will have to pay a higher rate of premium as it will now include interest and penalties. If you intend to renew your insurance notify the same to insurance provider timely. This will ensure continued coverage of your house’s effects. 

  • Review your insurance coverage and needs yearly

Buying an insurance policy is not enough. You need to review it constantly. There are many things that you buy every year like a new car, a bike, etc. You would want it to get covered under your current insurance. Also, your needs and wants change regularly. You should ensure that the coverage under your policy is sufficient or not. You might operate a small business in your house or you have bought new furniture or made any other changes, do you want your policy to adopt new risk exposures. You can seek help from your insurance advisor as well. But you must review your policy once in a while and keep updating it to reduce your overall risks.