April 19, 2024

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Types of triggered emails do B2C and B2B business send

Every Business has different marketing approach, whether it is b2b or b2c businesses, as the competition in every industry is at peak, as marketer we have to stand out different with logical possibility.

Some companies only market for one type of customer, B2B or B2C, but others have the difficult task of tailoring email marketing campaigns to attract both customers.

You need best practices for designing email marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C customers and hiring your recipients.

Here are some things to think about

Logic versus emotion

This is the main difference between the response from B2B and B2C customers to your email. Business customers are more likely to want the facts: high-quality information and a unique vision of an area that interests them. They want values ​​and content that appeal to their logical, reasoned thinking.

In the meantime, B2C recipients are more likely to respond emotionally to your email campaign. You have to provoke this emotional response with engaging and entertaining content if you want it to be bought, and this has to happen immediately.

How to design emails for B2C customers

Email design for B2C customers is critical to the success of the marketing campaign. The email should focus on the call to action. You should try to seduce the recipient with a short, energetic message and entertaining, humorous or entertaining content. Videos and pictures are a good option for this. Keep your emails flexible and precise and don’t be afraid to be bright, brave and colorful. Remember: you are looking for an emotional reaction and an immediate decision to click.

B2B email marketing: creating added value

As a rule, B2B emails must be more formal, but they still have to be convincing and attractive to not intimidate your audience!

Focused on thought leadership

Impress your recipients with their expertise in their field by offering them knowledge that they would never have imagined and that can help them in their own business

Focused on topics that interests your customers

When you are sending the communication to a customer, you have to be keen knowing the interest of the customers, so the best option to that is survey where you would be asking people some questions related to your product or services, so while conducting survey you have to consider the demographical factor.

Use free white papers, webinars, special offers or blogs

Webinars, special offers is another way to get the traction from the customers, while sending email you have to design in such a way recipients will get attracted and create interest to click on the email.

Direction and adaptation to individuals or groups of similar companies

Remember that while B2C emails show a reaction or an instant sale, B2B campaigns are larger. The focus is more on lead generation and parenting, so your email can only be the first step in a longer game.

What do B2B and B2C emails have in common?

While there are undoubtedly differences between B2B and B2C email marketing campaigns, these two very different target groups have some things in common. 

First, both like the feeling of added value: special offers, discounts and offers. 

These are the “hooks” that open your emails first. Second, they both like to read their emails on the go. It is therefore important that your emails have a design optimized for mobile devices.

Not surprisingly, B2C suppliers are much more likely to send activated email than their B2B (B2B), 60% of B2C providers send invoices, receipts, and order confirmations 27.

B2B companies send thank you emails most often. 48% of sellers say they have already done something, such as downloading white papers, watching demos, or attending webinars.

Companies that market both B2C and B2B customers were more likely to send transactional emails, as well as the B2B segments: 50% vs. 27%.

The other emails activated by this group were the welcome emails, half of the companies also sent. One way to use activated email is to answer this question:


As Customers want to confirm that they have subscribed to their mailing list and receive more information about what to expect from that list, which can send a welcome email.

Customers may want to confirm that an action is in progress (e.g. registering for the webinar), retrieve the information in a different format that they can record (e.g. download a white paper) or far from an action, you already been have (also example the support of the webinars), where a thank you can be use.

Customers may want a copy of a receipt or knowledge of when a product they bought arrives and what transactional emails they can help with.

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