April 19, 2024

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What If Your Veneers Do Not Match Your Teeth?

Do veneers ruin your teeth? (no, but here's a warning)

There is no better cosmetic dental surgery than veneers if you want to improve, revitalise, and restore the appearance of your smile.

These thin ceramic shells, which are also known as porcelain veneers for historical reasons, can straighten teeth more quickly than orthodontics, straighten them more effectively than teeth whitening, and simultaneously resize and reshape teeth. They can brighten your smile better than teeth whitening.

Unfortunately, they don’t always function as effectively as they ought to. Veneers that don’t look correct might occasionally be given to you by a teeth veneers dentist. Your teeth could appear massive as a result.

No of the issue, we can swap out your ugly veneers for brand-new ones that appear naturally lovely.

Exactly Why Your Veneers Appear Too Bulky?

Typically, what is known as no-prep or minimum prep veneers are the cause of veneers that appear to be too large for your mouth. Without removing any of the enamel from the teeth, these veneers are made to connect straight to your original teeth. This can occasionally be advantageous because we like to keep our natural tooth enamel wherever feasible, but it’s really only necessary in a few situations.

As the only kind of veneers they are familiar with using, some cosmetic dentists may opt to utilise them. Because these veneers need less time from others, they enjoy the profit margin. Still, other people could just lack the knowledge and discretion needed to understand when these veneers aren’t a smart choice.

If You Have Too-Large Veneers…

An unpleasant and unbalanced appearance is caused by thick and bulky veneers that do not fit the thickness and length of the neighbouring teeth. There may be a number of causes for this, including:

  • Inexperienced dental veneers dentist,
  • Minimal or no preparation at all
  • Incorrect veneer size,
  • The fault of the lab, incorrect selection of veneer material

Whatever the cause, having too-large veneers is inconvenient for the patient in a number of ways.

Impacts on How You Smile

A grin that is uneven and tilted might result from having too-large veneers. Unattractive diagonal canting of the grin can result from having thick veneers on one side of the jaws. A perfect grin that others would adore is ensured by selecting the proper size for each tooth.

Impacts on How You Speak

After getting teeth veneers treatment, a person may often have trouble speaking for two weeks while they get used to their new dental veneers. However, those who have veneers that are overly large or thick must undergo long-term issues like lisping or having their tongue get caught behind them until they have their veneers redone.

Veneers May Harm Your Natural Teeth

It’s interesting to note that when veneers don’t fit the size of your teeth, they might really harm your teeth. Yet how? Too-large veneers can lead to dental misalignment and unequal biting force distribution. Veneers are vulnerable to chipping and cracking as a result of the pressure being applied in an uneven manner.

Gum issues are another oral concern caused by misaligned veneers. When porcelain veneers are too big or not the appropriate size, a very little portion of their margin may irritate, inflame, and finally cause gum recession.

Thick or Bulky Veneers Need To Be Fixed

We advise you to make a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist if you wish to improve the appearance of thick or bulky porcelain veneers. If you want your veneers redone, you can ask your dentist, but given your past experience, the outcome will likely leave you unsatisfied once more.

  • Find a dentist by searching for the “best veneer dentist near me” who is certified and sexperienced in the cosmetic dentistry field.
  • Find out what patients have to say about the dentist’s work and the outcomes of porcelain veneers.
  • Visit the dentist’s before-and-after pictures of people who underwent similar procedures as yours.

Your treatment choices will be explained by a cosmetic dentist. They won’t attempt to persuade you that you will ultimately appreciate your smile, unlike your present dentist. Cosmetic dentists that are skilled in bonding veneers to teeth won’t do so until you are certain that your smile is perfect.

Consult another Dentist

You should search for “teeth veneers dentist near me” to find a new one if you are dissatisfied with the work your dentist performed. Your mismatched veneers may be repaired by consulting with a skilled cosmetic dentist. The most likely course of action for veneers that don’t match your teeth is to have them redone.

If you’re already dissatisfied with the outcome, it’s best to get new porcelain veneers from a qualified dentist who has a thorough understanding of your aesthetic objectives and knows how to perform this delicate dental procedure.

Hopefully, if you find the right dentist, you won’t have to worry about what would happen if your veneers did not match your teeth.