June 10, 2023

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Abrasion: The Ultimate Guide

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Abrasion is the process of testing fabric longevity by performing scraping or rubbing action simulating real action. Because material testing for abrasion would be difficult and expensive while it is being used in the real world, lab tests are performed by machines. In addition, companies compress the lifespan of a product into a controlled and monitored environment within a short time. Machines, like Taber or TQC Sheen, used in this operation have apparatus that rotate or produce a rubbing action, simulating what would be happening. Exposed areas like the knees and elbows and even under the armpits for shirts or between the legs for pants are accurately simulated. These processes are efficiently performed by clothing companies. Whereas, furniture companies perform their tests on seating products and bedding. These arduous processes are performed on fabric to correctly determine their excellent durability which properly translates to product quality. More so, products that are consistent in performance and free from grave defects endure throughout their life cycles. These abrasion test are not only done to fabrics, but metal, paint, paper, plastic, and rubber.

Abrasion tests help a company gain a competitive edge over the fierce competition and impact evaluation of the supplied material. This accurately determines the product material changes before they are used for production. In today’s competitive business-oriented environment, inexpensive testing options are appealing. However, an effect is observed on product quality affecting customer sales. Many companies beat this negative trend by satisfactorily establishing a standardized methodology that ensures repeatable and reproducible results. To get this constant product production, companies identify the type of wear their products are likely to face to properly identify the kind of abrasion tool to purchase. Categories of abrasions include two-body abrasive wear, sliding wear, mar abrasion, and rolling abrasion. Even though material advances are outperforming test method growths, technical expertise from the abrasion machine manufacture offers assistance and adequate consultation in these embarrassing situations.

Doing tests using a Taber abraser, one can determine materials that are rigid or flexible depending on test standards and precise specifications. These standards fall under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. This document contains the guidelines of standards for specific materials. With the Taber Abraser, over 150 methods are available for use. Some of the popular materials the Taber Abraser can use consist of automotive carpets, glass, porcelain enamel, leather, luggage, synthetic stuff, upholstery etc. Wear on these materials is affected by their successful resistance to abrasion being intentionally exposed to different environmental conditions. Satisfactorily performing tests on the mentioned materials produce different results as they are naturally exposed to humidity or temperature. Excellent results are accurately recorded when tests are performed in an environmentally controlled location. Therefore, labs performing the tests should test the materials under the harmonized standards to ensure consistent data results.

Carefully consider the Comprehensive Abrasive Test, an abrasive testing tool for beverage cans or flat materials. This machine mimics in-the-field conveyance damage equivalent to Gavarti Associates “GV-CAT” system by reciprocating motion. This successful test uniquely determines the abrasion resistance of aluminum beverage cans and printed cartoons on the cans. A damaged can in the eyes of a potential customer undoubtedly means a damaged product and therefore, no sale. More so, scuffing between two aluminum cans can start leaks and spraying of carbonated drinks over the consignment and ruining the pallet. Bearing in mind over 300 billion cans are sold annually around the civilized globe, it would be appropriate to efficiently perform these specific tests to radically reduce damage expenses.