June 17, 2024

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High Velocity Market Master System

High Velocity Market Master HVMM Trading System can day trade or swing trade all markets whether it is stocks, forex, futures, options, crude oil, gold, commodities, ETFs or bonds! You can call the High Velocity Market Master HVMM as a Universal Trading System!

Why you need a Universal Trading System that can trade all markets? As a trader, experience shows that money keeps on flowing from one market to another. In today’s world of global finance, almost all markets are interlinked and correlated with each other. Hot money keeps on flowing from one market to anther across the globe.

Last year in 2008, if you remember, the prices of crude oil jumped from around $60 to almost $150 per barrel within a matter of few months in summer. High oil prices made life difficult for ordinary consumers but for some savvy traders who spotted the uptrend in the crude oil prices at the right time, it was a windfall. Many hedge fund managers made a lot of money trading crude oil futures last year.

This year, it is the gold market. Gold prices have almost touched $1200 per ounce, the highest gold prices in the history. Now, gold prices and US Dollar are negatively correlated. What this means is that both move in opposite directions. This simply demonstrates that different markets are interlinked and correlated. What starts in one market ends up in other markets!

What you need to learn is to how to trade different markets. This is also known as Market Timing. Now some people think that the days of buy and hold investing are over and this century will belong to market timers. I don’t know exactly. But what I do know from experience is that you need to become a universal market trader who can trade different markets. For this you need a universal system that uses that same suite of custom indicators to trade different market so that you don’t need to switch from one system to another!

High Velocity Market Master Trading System has been developed by Mark Soberman, President of Netpicks who has many decades of experience trading different markets and developing systems. His systems have been featured in a number of financial and trading magazines. If you are interested, you can take a look at his system and see for yourself why he calls his High Velocity Market Master Trading System the Ultimate Trading System!