May 20, 2024

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Jackson Mississippi Solar Incentives

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Jackson Mississippi solar incentives are making more residents interested in getting their own solar panel at home. Apart from the benefits they can get, they also get incentives. Let’s take a look at what solar panels Mississippi can give to whoever has one installed. 

Incentive On Solar Power In Mississippi

Jackson Mississippi solar programs. Have created a way to motivate residents to shift to solar power as a source of energy in their homes. Jackson Mississippi sign and save solar program have been launched to make people be aware of the importance of going solar. To support this campaign they decided to give incentives on solar panel installation.

Federal Tax Credits 

Anyone who purchases a solar panel system can get 26% federal tax credits as long as it is not purchased under a loan. The installation and solar panel, as well as its structures, are included in the amount to be computed, for instance, a purchase of $18,000 can give you $4,680 as a tax credit. This tax credit will be deducted from your annual tax and if there is any excess it will be credited again the next coming year. 26% is already big. That is why if you are a resident of Jackson, Mississippi take advantage of this offer and invest in a solar panel system. 

Net Metering Rebates 

Once you have your solar panel installed you are still required to have it connected to the grid. This is called net metering, the advantage of this setup is you will be able to get rebates just in case you have excess energy from your solar panel system it will be directed to the grid, and it will be credited to you, or you can use it in case you will be needing it in the future. 


Some solar providers will give rebates to their clients this is one way of their marketing strategies to be ahead from their competitors. Rebates can also add up to the savings the solar panel users are getting. 

Advantages of Getting a Solar Panel System in Jackson, Mississippi

Good Investment 

The average cost of solar panel installation in Mississippi by system size ranges from $2.38 to $3.14, so the amount for each solar panel installation varies depending on how much solar panels are needed to support the energy needs of the household residences. A whole solar panel system can cost $13,000 or more, quite a big amount. However, this amount is a good investment. Since you can reduce your electricity bill up to 80% and solar panels can be used for 25 years! Imagine how many savings you can make.In 5 to 7 years you can get your return of investment from the money you used to purchase the solar panel system. 

Maximize the Utilization Of your Solar Panel 

The sun is always up most times of the year in Jackson, Mississippi. That’s why solar panels can get all the energy it can save. In that case, you can maximize the usage of your solar panel, it may even be able to provide all your energy needs which means you will be paying lower electricity bills or even eliminate it. Solar panel system comes with a battery where excess solar energy can be stored and be used when needed. The energy the solar panel collects in the morning can be used during the day and energy stored in the battery can be utilized at night. 

Helps in Making a Better Environment

Almost all states are trying to make people aware about solar power’s ability to lessen toxic gasses circulating in the air. So they are encouraging residents to use solar energy instead. Solar power is renewable, that’s why it doesn’t emit green gases, unlike fossil fuels which are commonly used in running electricity plants. 

With Jackson Mississippi solar incentives and benefits that people can get when they shift to solar energy usage, I hope more and more residents would support Jackson city by having solar panels installed in their homes. Solar power providers are more than willing to discuss the necessary process on how to avail an installation as well as how it works in that way people can get a better understanding of solar energy.