April 21, 2024

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The 6 Qualities of Insurance Agents With Dominance Personality

Does personality contribute to the success of an insurance agent? Personality traits provide a recipe for success for one to identify and capitalize one’s unique strengths and qualities.

A behavioral profile assessment based on four styles or behavior traits i.e. Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance has been instrumental to measure an individual behavior.

Insurance agents with Dominance personality have the following qualities that can enhance their sales capability and outcome:

(a) Competitiveness

Insurance agents with dominant personality are aggressive. They are always watchful of their peers and comparing their performance to others. They are hard wired to be the winners. Their competitiveness compels them to work harder.

There is nothing wrong with being competitive. Competitiveness is a valuable attribute. But the agents must direct their efforts toward the attainment of their business goals.

(b) Ambitious

They are motivated by big dreams and will not settle for mediocre performance. They are goal driven and clear about being excellent in every part of their business and personal lives.

Ambition is an internal motivator that makes them to get up early, stay up late and make whatever personal sacrifices necessary to achieve their goals. It is the inner fire that keeps them stay in momentum.

(c) Ego driven

To ego-driven individuals, satisfaction comes from victories. Their job is to win. They are aggressive in their approach and always have their eyes on the horizon looking for the next win.

They are willing to put in long hours. They do not give up easily but explore different options and approaches to succeed. They take advantage from every situation to put them ahead of competitors.

(d) Love challenges

They thrive on challenging environment. They are willing to pay the price for success. When facing obstacle, they have the courage to adopt new solutions. They are tenacious.

Driven by an overwhelming need to win, they strive for perfection. They set the bar high, jump over it and set new standard next time. They possess strong will and display tremendous amount of determination and persistence.

(e) Entrepreneurial

They have an entrepreneurial streak and are willing to seek new opportunities. They don’t mind taking risk in order to receive the rewards that can go along with it.

It is not unusual for them to be quick decision makers or selective listeners. They’re self-motivating and require little or no management involvement to succeed. They know what needs to be done. They dislike relying on others and hate being micromanaged.

(f) Result oriented

They set challenging goals and know what they want to accomplish. They make sure their goals are motivational and relevant to their personal situation. They visualize and focus on their target and take goal orientated actions on a daily basis.

They are no-nonsense individuals who have little time for small talk. They are problem solvers who seek expedient resolutions. Being task-oriented, they get annoyed if there is any delay in things they do.

The major personality dynamics of insurance agents with dominance style are boosters to for greater success in sales. Depending on the sales situation, other qualities may be required for success.

Your overall challenge in achieving sales breakthrough is to internalize the skills and knowledge requirements of the insurance sales job and then bring your competence to the next level using your personality strengths.