September 22, 2023

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FUT Hair Treatment – The Ultimate Guide to FUT Hair Treatments

Hair loss affects both men and women. The hair transplant surgery was invented in 1939 in Japan. In these early days, the outcome appeared unnatural and offered a plug-like appearance. But it was not until the surgeons began transplanting individual hair follicles, also referred to as follicular units, in 1995. Now the hair transplant states offer natural outcomes. The follicular unit transplantation method is less intrusive and helps cover bald spots resulting from hair loss.

During the FUT procedure, the surgeon will cut a strip of skin from the back of your scalp. They will then use this strip to collect the hair follicles. The collected hair follicles will be inserted into the balding areas of your scalp. The surgery works best when covering a receding hairline resulting from male pattern baldness. Continue to lean more on the FUT procedure and what to expect from this surgery.

What is the FUT Procedure?

The follicular unit transplantation method starts by cutting a strip of your skin from the back of your scalp. The size of this strip is typically based on the number of hair follicles requiring transplantation. It usually does not exceed 1 to 1.5 centimeters wide. After removing these individual hair follicles will then be reinserted into the affected parts of your scalp.

This surgery typically takes 4 to 8 hours, which is much quicker than the FUE method. You will stay awake during the procedure because the surgeon uses local anesthesia to numb the scalp.

Here is what the FUT procedure looks like;

  • The surgeon will first redraw the hairline, and then they will mark the site of extraction and will then take photographs for your medical records. To numb your scalp, the surgeon will apply local anesthesia to the surgery area. You might as well take some sedatives before the surgery.
  • The second step involves cutting a strip of skin with the hair follicles. These hair follicles will be used as grafts. During this procedure, you will be able to stay awake.
  • Your surgeon will collect the hair follicles from the strip and prepare them for transplantation.
  • The next step involves hair follicles being inserted into the balding areas of your scalp in a natural pattern.
  • The doctor will then use sutures to cover your scalp.
  •  They will then apply antibiotics to your scalp to prevent infection and bandage the area.

In about six to nine months, you will be able to see the outcome of this procedure. But some people might need to wait up to one year to see results.

An Ideal Candidate for a FUT Procedure

The FUT procedure requires you to have enough donor hair to be used as grafts for transplantation. Men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia are the ideal candidates for this treatment. In male baldness, you will have an M-shaped hairline with hair loss at the temples—women suffering from this condition typically have hair thinning at the top of their heads.

Suppose you suffer from hair loss resulting from a condition like a thyroid issue or alopecia areata. FUT technique will not be the proper treatment.

Here are the conditions that make you the best candidate for FUT surgery;

  • Age; the FUT surgery is typically performed on people who are over 25 years. Typically, the hair loss patterns are less predictable in younger adults.
  • Diagnosis; men suffering from male pattern baldness hair loss usually respond best to hair loss.
  • Hair Thickness; if you have high follicle thickness and density, you are likely to get a better
  • The Balding Site; the FUT method is best when treating hair loss from the front of your head.
  • Color of the Hair; if you have a hair color similar to your skin, you are an ideal candidate because you will have less color contrast.

The FUT Hair Transplant Cost

The average FUT hair transplant cost ranges between $4000 and $10000. In some clinic, the price might even be high. There are a few factors that determine the cost of this surgery, and these are;

  • The amount of hair to be transplanted; most surgeons usually charge based on the number of hair follicles requiring transplantation. However, some clinic have fixed prices.
  • Your surgeon, the clinic, and the surgeon’s experience will affect the hair transplant cost.
  • Location; clinic in some cities charge more compared to others.
  • Note that the FUT method is considered cosmetic. Therefore, you will be required to pay from your pocket. But in some instances, like hair loss due to trauma or burns, the insurance can cover it.


The fut procedure involves collecting hair follicles from the back or sides of your scalp and using them to cover the bald spots. This surgery is safe and usually results in a permanent and natural-looking outcome. The FUT surgery will leave you with a linear scar at the extraction site. Therefore, the FUE technique will be the best choice if you prefer wearing short hair. The fault left after this procedure will fade over time, but it is permanent, and you can hide it with long hair.