April 20, 2024

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online

There are a tremendous amount of benefits and advantages to using online methods to build your network marketing business. There are also a tremendous amount of challenges to doing this successfully as well. The key to overcoming these challenges is to identify them and then develop a plan to successfully overcome them.

The first challenge that needs to be dealt with is the unrealistic expectations that are set online about building your network marketing business. There are so many “wolves with sheep’s clothing” that distract network marketers with their “something for nothing” philosophy. If you are going to be successful in building your network marketing business using internet marketing strategies, you must learn to identify these distractions and avoid them.

Hype is the biggest distraction that you will face. You will see outrageous claims like “We’ll show you how to sponsor 10-20 distributors a day.” If it sounds too good to be true, ask for verification or assume it isn’t true. Another common theme you will see online is “We do all the work for you.” Consider the following; if they will truly do all the work for you, what do they need you for? Also, even if they truly do the work for you, what happens if they quit the business? How are you going to successfully build the business without them if they are doing all the work for you?

Once you have identified and avoided the distractions and the hype online, your next step is to identify where you are going to get network marketing training so you can learn how to successfully build your network marketing business online. There are a number of different strategies and approaches that you can take to build your business online.

You can specialize in SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). This is where you create web pages that you specifically design to get high listings in the search engines around words and phrases that people interested in your products and business opportunity search for online.

You can specialize in blogging. This is where you create your own blog and create fresh content on a regular basis that gets posted to your blog. This content gets added to the search engines, thus attracting visitors to your blog. Your blog promotes your network marketing opportunity and a percentage of the visitors that arrive on your blog will move on to request more information on your opportunity. You can also post comments to other people’s blogs with a link back to your opportunity.

You can specialize in Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is any web site that promotes interaction and the creation of user based content. Web sites such as MySpace and YouTube are perfect examples. A savvy network marketer can use these web 2.0 web sites and tools to promote his or her products and business opportunity.

You can specialize in article writing This is where you either create articles yourself about topics that your prospects will be interested in or you hire a ghostwriter to create these articles for you. You then submit these articles to online ezines and article directories. Your article will include a resource link at the bottom that will promote your network marketing opportunity and a certain percentage of the readers of the article will click on your resource link to request more information about your opportunity.

Fortunately there is a one stop school for learning all of these techniques specifically designed for network marketers. Renegade University offers step by step video tutorials that specifically show network marketers how to use internet marketing strategies and techniques to build their network marketing business online. By taking advantage of this valuable resource you will develop all of the skills necessary to successfully build your network marketing business online.